The Girls Are Back From Tahiti

Dr Shirley Impellizzeri and Spiritual Medium Kellee White are back and rejuvenated from their 10 day Tahiti trip with James Van Praagh. They also discuss the importance of unplugging while going on vacation. Is it possible with modern technology? Tune in to hear all about it!

Tragedy in Orlando, Florida

Tragedy in Orlando, Florida: Spiritual Medium Kellee White and Dr Shirley discuss the shocking tragedy in Orlando, Florida at Pulse nightclub, taking the lives of 50 people, the largest massacre of US history after 911. Why do these things happen? Listen in!

Grief and Grieving

Dr. Shirley and Kellee talk about the somethings uncomfortable topic of grief. Grief and loss is part of the human experience. Kellee helps with spiritual insight and they give tips on how to help a person experiencing grief and what to do if you are the one grieving.

Call In Show – Rebuilding Your Life

Rebuilding Your Life: Today we talked about the solar and lunar eclipses that we are in the middle of. What that means, what is the energy like, what to expect and look out for. Call-ins discussed the struggles they are going through and how they are using it to empower themselves and others going through the same struggles.