Kellee White guest “Talking To Spirit Show” with James Van Praagh

A historic event will take place in the heavens on January 31st as we experience a blue moon AND a lunar eclipse all at once! What effect will this have on your spirit and psyche? James Van Praagh wants you to be ready – so he’s invited a special guest and expert on all things heavenly, Dr. Kellee White. Together they let you know what to expect – then help you prepare yourself energetically with a special guided meditation that James channels from his Spirit friends. There will be plenty of time to call in LIVE and share your thoughts and questions with James and Kellee! Click Here to Listen to Show:  

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teachers Lisa Williams & Harry T

International Psychic Mediums Lisa Williams & Harry T joined us in studio tonight to talk everything Mediumship! Lisa and Harry are good friends but they have never double linked together as Mediums before. This was a first and we are so honored! Lisa shared information about her international school of spiritual development (LWISSD) Lisa, Harry and Kellee discussed the difference between the main clairs (method of receiving information): clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and triple linked to give a few amazing mini-readings to our callers. We had so much fun that we didn’t want the show to end!


Forgiveness: Tonight we view forgiveness from a different perspective. Spiritual Medium Kellee White teaches us that when we don’t forgive, our own aura can be effected and that can manifest into physical symptoms. Dr. Shirley reminds us that forgiveness is not saying what happened is “OK” or letting the wrong doer “off the hook”, it is about accepting what is, to clear the space for your own healing. Studies show that forgiving can even improve your immune system.

CLAIRE CANDY HOUGH Part 2 aired Oct 10, 2016

Part 2 of our interview with author, healer and spiritual teacher CLAIRE CANDY HOUGH of Angel Healing In this hour we discuss reincarnation, Candy’s past lives and the process of transitioning to the other side and what happens when we are there. Candy also shares with us her involvement in a documentary series titled Children Of The Rainbow which is about very old souls who carry wisdom and knowledge from ancient times and other dimensions who are incarnating now on the planet and often misunderstood. Tune in and learn more about these Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

Dangerous Liaisons By Marina Bakker

Marina Bakker author of Dangerous Liaisons, Red Flags of Dating and Relating joins us all the way from Australia to discuss her new book. She shares with us what dangerous liaisons are, the long term effects of pain and heartache from these interactions and teaches us how to spot them.