Join Spiritual Medium Kellee White and Psychologist Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri for an event that will change your life. This powerhouse duo will shed light on psychological and spiritual archetypes. What are archetypes and how do they affect your life? What archetype did you take on as a survival skill whensee→

Attachment Styles in Relationships FACT: All Mammals attach. Humans form a strong attachment to their caregivers by the age of 2. The quality of those attachments influences how you feel about yourself, the others around you, and the world. Are you lovable? Are you deserving? Are you worthy? Can yousee→

Personality Disorders Webinar Difficult people are all around us. They can create a toxic environment that will affect your life in very serious ways. Many times their behavior doesn’t make any sense and you’re left wondering what you did to cause it. These are Personality Disorders. This webinar will helpsee→

Surviving Suicide Webinar If you have endured the suicide of a loved one and feel that your life has been shattered, this Webinar will help you understand the complexities of this serious subject from both a psychological and a spiritual perspective. The knowledge you gain from it will help yousee→